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Client’s Rights

Cornerstone Mortgage, LLC


We feel you shouldn’t have to choose between the latest technology and personal communication, and we’ll offer you both.


As our customer, we believe you have:

  • The right to privacy and security.
  • The right to the lowest rate available based on your credit score.
  • The right to clearly see all loan provisions and costs up front—no surprises at closing.
  • The right to the easiest process today’s technology can provide.
  • The right to a personal loan agent who will work for you without bias.
  • The right to know all of your loan options before applying.
  • The right to know and understand your credit score.


Cornerstone Mortgage, LLC
1494 Mid Valley Dr
De Pere, WI 54115
Phone (920) 347-1616



You can get the best rate for a home loan from the #1 broker in WI and MI.

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