General Information

Many things can contribute to credit problems, medical bills, moving expenses, the loss of an income and the rising cost of everyday items. These among many other possibilities are just a few of the factors that millions of people experience.

Too Much Debt

We are in the business of getting you the best possible loan to fit your needs and goals, we are NOT in the credit repair business. There is much you as a consumer can do to fix mistakes on your credit report, items that may keep you from obtaining the best loan available.

Consolidate Debt

Start the process toward saving money now instead of paying high interest credit card bills. Even if you have less-than-perfect-credit or have been turned down before, Cornerstone Mortgage, LLC has helped homeowners just like you get the cash you need.

Need More Cash?

Cash out refers to the refinancing of a loan where the borrowers receive additional cash after the existing mortgage and expenses are paid off.

Choose the Right Loan

Whatever your situation may be, we have a loan program just for you.* Whether it’s a loan to purchase a home, lower your current monthly payments, pay your bills, or improve your credit, we’ve got it.

Manage Your Debt

Whether you have good or poor credit, chances are you should be borrowing for less. You can probably lower your payments and interest on your current debt and pay less on your new loan.

Correct Credit Report Errors

We have a powerful ‘fixing credit report errors’ credit section, which includes tons of information and sample letters designed to help you through the process of improving your credit.

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