These are sample letters only. They are designed to help you with formatting your own personal letters pertaining to your own situation(s). NEVER waste your time or any credit bureau’s time with illegitamate claims.




Collection Agent



RE: Acct. # …


To whom it may concern:


When living in (state, city), I received service through ________________ (Telephone, power,water, etc.) Company. During that time there were numerous billing errors. I kept being mixed up with another family. Though time-consuming and aggravating for me, the __________ company always found and corrected the errors.


Before moving to (state, city), I stopped service and paid the final bill. I never thought I would continue to be plagued with __________________ Company errors.


I am sure if you speak to a human being and not a computer at ________________ Company, there will be a record of the problems we were having with wrong billings. I am also certain you will discover this is not my debt.


I was assured by ______________ Company at the time that I was not the cause of the errors. I don’t know what the actual problem was, but I can assure you this is not my bill.


I would truly appreciate your assistance.




Your Name



This letter is meant to serve as an example only. The text of your letter should pertain to your personal situation. You should consult an attorney for any legal questions you might have.



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