These are sample letters only. They are designed to help you with formatting your own personal letters pertaining to your own situation(s). NEVER waste your time or any credit bureau’s time with illegitamate claims.







RE: Account # __________________


Dear Creditor:


I am writing to request assistance in correcting erroneous information pertaining to my account #__________________ shown on my credit report.


I was involved in a nasty divorce which necessitated leaving my home. It was my understanding that all outstanding accounts were to have been taken care of in the proceedings.


With changes to my address and marital status, perhaps any billings that were sent, concerning unpaid accounts, never reached me.


While starting a new life, I discovered that your account was never settled. I am trying to correct my credit after going through this set-back by trying to settle these accounts, and doing the best I can.


The outstanding account # ________________ has a balance of ________ which is too large a sum for me at this time. I am writing to inquire if there is any hope for a reduced amount to satisfy the account in full.


I am also concerned about the negative information now on my credit file. I am advised that the negative information you have placed on my files could remain in my credit reports for 7 years after payment is made. However, I have the right to remove any information from this credit report through the suppliers of information.


I am requesting, because of my current situation, your company notify the Credit Bureaus to delete this account from my files when paid in full.


Thank you in advance for your attention to this unfortunate situation.







This letter is meant to serve as an example only. The text of your letter should pertain to your personal situation. You should consult an attorney for any legal questions you might have.




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