The information contained in this section IS NOT about repairing credit. We are NOT a credit repairing agency, nor would you be well served by using one of those agencies. This section is designed solely to assist you in correcting mistakes or errors on your credit report.


MOST importantly, this advise is offered only to assist with legitimate errors made by the credit bureaus or the reporting creditor(s).


Protecting Your Rights and Your Credit


The Fair Credit Reporting Act:
The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act is in the consumer’s favor. One part of this law states that when you dispute any information contained on your credit file, the Credit Bureau must verify the accuracy of the information with the creditor who reported the information within 30 days. If they are unable to verify the information within 30 days, it must be removed. Remember, these laws do not work unless you initiate and use them. Here is the internet link to the full text of the act.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act sets certain guidelines which credit bureaus and your creditors must follow when reporting your credit file, as well as giving the consumer certain rights.


Your basic rights under The Fair Credit Reporting Act:
You have the right to challenge the accuracy of your credit report at any time.


The credit bureaus must reinvestigate anything you challenge without a charge, and if the credit bureau finds an error in the challenged item, they must delete or correct that information in your files immediately.


The credit bureaus must reinvestigate within a reasonable amount of time.
30 days constitutes a “reasonable amount of time” unless the bureau notifies you otherwise (be sure to keep accurate records). If the credit bureaus cannot or do not confirm the challenged item within 30 days, they must delete that information from your files immediately.


You have the right to submit a Consumer Statement of your view of the problem. If you dispute the accuracy of certain information in your credit report and it is verified by the creditor as correct, then the credit bureau is required to include your explanation of your dispute in your credit report. Try to limit your explanation to no more than 100 words.
It is best to file a dispute for yourself. If the dispute is sent from anyone other than you, the credit bureau may suspect that you have paid one of those less-than-professional credit repair companies to repair your credit.


Remember: sending your dispute letter by CERTIFIED RETURN RECEIPT MAIL greatly increases your chance of a response. Keep a record of when you sent the dispute letters and what date you should expect a response. If after 30 days you have received no answer, confront the credit bureau with a certified return receipt letter, requesting an updated credit report and demanding the disputed items be deleted. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the items must be immediately deleted.


When you get the updated report review it carefully to see if the negative item(s) still appear, or if anything else has changed. Usually some progress is made each time you challenge, but do not get discouraged if you don’t get the desired results each time.




We are in the business of obtaining the best possible loan to meet your needs and goals, we are NOT in the credit repair business. You can remove erroneous information from your credit report by following instructions contained in this section of our website, or seek the help of a true professional, NOT a “Credit repairing agency” – that is the worst thing you can do!


This website section has been prepared for general information purposes only. The information in this section is not legal advice. Legal advice is dependent upon the specific circumstances of each individual situation. Laws may vary from state to state. We are not lawyers. We do not offer legal advice. The issues discussed on this site are the expression of the personal experiences of laypersons. Finally, the information contained in this section of the website is not guaranteed to be up to date. Therefore, the information contained in this section cannot replace the advice of competent legal counsel licensed in your state.


Disclaimer of Warranty.
The materials, information and forms available in this section of the website are provided without any warranties, express, implied or statutory. Any and all implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed.

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